A Look Inside: Sugarcube

Many boutiques line the historic streets of Old City, but Sugarcube has truly found a way to stand out. Upon entering you’re most likely to be in awe of the warm and inviting vibes that stem directly from the layout and decor.

There is a mix of designer items and carefully chosen vintage to scour. As soon as you start browsing the merchandise you will automatically get a sense of what kind of people are hand picking the items, and who they are picking them for. There is a genuine thought process behind all of the stock choices. None of the garments are purely trendy pieces, but instead are a mix of current and classic contemporary styles.

Throughout the store you will find impeccable vintage items. Each of these is obviously chosen to correlate with the pieces they carry. Unlike some shops with no clear curatorial direction, Sugarcube reflects a strong vision that expands outside of fashion to encompass an entire lifestyle. The thoughtfulness of the vintage choices clearly expresses the owner’s desire to inspire their shoppers with more then just labels.

There are a great variety of designers carried in Sugarcube, but I have been particularly excited to see APC, Steven Alan, Dunderdon and Pendleton items. Each of these brands has an aesthetic similar to that of Sugarcube as a whole. They create versatile items that can be worn in a variety of ways that accentuate a man or woman’s personal style.

Along with the clothing, shoes and accessories, Sugarcube features talented artist’s work that you can admire or purchase.  (Above work by Rick Fichter)

To keep up with what’s going on at Sugarcube as far as new arrivals, sales and First Friday events, make sure to check out their frequently updated website.

124 North Third St., Old City
Website – Blog //  Yelp


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