What’s for Fall

long time no blog!  for me, summer has been a time for vacation, sleep, and not much shopping.  the oppressive weather is also no good for fashion, as there comes a point when everyone just tries to dress to stay cool and that can mean compromising style and even matching.  HOWEVER we are eagerly looking forward to fall– jackets, cardigans, tights: all great things! Fall also means our first philadelphia fashion week and even more exciting, our first philadelphia designers market.

The market is an “independent fashion marketplace” created by local designers, artists and shoppers who are all advocates for independent designers their markets. The physical market is set up to provide a direct shopping experience between the designers and the customer, skipping the retail middle man who usually raises the prices to sustain a profit.  This environment can foster relationships between the two parties and help generate exposure.

I know we have a few weeks but I wanted to let it be known!


2 responses to “What’s for Fall

  1. hi worn in love girls, where’s a girl to go if she wants to find some nice lingerie in philly?

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