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Punk Rock Flea Market… TOMORROW!

If you aren’t already familiar with R5 Production’s biannual “PUNK ROCK” Flea market, it’s about time you get informed. A zillion vendors selling everything. Literally everything. Come shop and support R5, local artists/bakers/crafters/vintage sellers/junk hoarders.

No matter what you are looking for for the holidays.. you’ll find it here. You’ll also find a ton of stuff you didn’t even know you wanted.


What’s for Fall

long time no blog!  for me, summer has been a time for vacation, sleep, and not much shopping.  the oppressive weather is also no good for fashion, as there comes a point when everyone just tries to dress to stay cool and that can mean compromising style and even matching.  HOWEVER we are eagerly looking forward to fall– jackets, cardigans, tights: all great things! Fall also means our first philadelphia fashion week and even more exciting, our first philadelphia designers market.

The market is an “independent fashion marketplace” created by local designers, artists and shoppers who are all advocates for independent designers their markets. The physical market is set up to provide a direct shopping experience between the designers and the customer, skipping the retail middle man who usually raises the prices to sustain a profit.  This environment can foster relationships between the two parties and help generate exposure.

I know we have a few weeks but I wanted to let it be known!

SA VA LOVE fashion show

On a blistering saturday evening i rushed over to LOVE park to watch the fashion show of SA VA fashion’s most recent collection.  SA VA is a boutique right by my office that carries primarily original women’s designs as well as a small selection of international brands.  The original designs by store owner Sarah Van Aken are what make it unique, but what’s even better is that her designs are purposeful and made locally from natural, sustainable fabrics.

Here are some photos of the set-up:

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Philadelphia Independent Retail Week!

it has been a while!

this upcoming week (june 14-20) is independent retail week at boutiques throughout philadelphia.  created by nolcha, “a leading business platform for independent fashion designers and retailers”, this week is filled with contests, shopping events, and an umbrella drive (you donate old umbrellas that get recycled into ethical designs) at boutiques in center city, old city, and manayunk. i have a busy week in store but i hope that some readers will take advantage.

the main even that i’m looking forward to is the SA VA LOVE fashion show in love park on satruday 6/19 (6pm-8pm).  SA VA is known for it’s functional, sustainable collections designed by sarah van aken and the store carries other locally made apparel as well.  fashion shows are rare in this city, but a fashion show with a focus on fostering the sustainable econmy and culture of philadelphia is even more rare and i think, since it’s an outdoor event, attendance will raise awareness and draw attention to these elements of fashion.

goodie bags and shopping guides, and city maps can be picked up all week long at:

Sioux Zanne Messix, 54 ½ North 3rd Street
Joan Shepp, 1616 Walnut Street
Latitudes Gallery, 4325 Main Street

i will try to take pictures wherever i go and post a review of what i had a chance to see next weekend.  i think this is a great idea that should achieve the goal of however many “philadelphia fashion weeks” that we have: highlighting participants in the local fashion industry through trunk shows, contests, special events, and partnerships.  remember to support and attend as many events as possible so there will more of these!

visit for a full list of events