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“Fashion Week”

i have had the privilege of meeting with production companies involved in the various fashion weeks in this city. two groups produce fashion shows that go on for 2-3 evenings and call it “philadelphia fashion week.”  yet they are pretty different– one is focused on couture and extravagant settings, the other on simplicity and local boutique collections– but both claim to be a display of philadelphia fashion identity eventhough their shows are primarily non-philadelphian designers.  this does not coincide with people’s expectations when they hear “fashion week”, or their philadelphia-centric mission.  if they want to make it akin to other metropolitan city fashion weeks, their intentions need to be adjusted, and if they want to make it a spotlight on philadelphia, the expectations and designers need to be edited.

it turns out that city representative melanie johnson kind of agrees with this.  in a recent inquirer article, there was a generous review of the latest shows, mention of the other fashion week, and they revealed melanie johnson’s plan to bring together all of the fashion week agents to create a cohesive week of clothing. it’s my hope that the city finds this blog and asks me and sarah to help because respectfully, all of the people involved have an insular view of what should be done.