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Tank Top Talk ft. Print Liberation and Fresh Meltwater

Philadelphia is buzzing with summer fun. Soaking up rays in the parks, chugging margaritas, trips down the shore, block parties, back yard bbqs… All of which require less clothing than usual. Tank tops are a bit of a necessity in this heat so why not shop local and support Philadelphia based designers?

Here are a few of my favorites from Fresh Meltwater

and from Print Liberation‘s collab with artist Lizzy Janssen

Stay cool, everyone.



Some of you might’ve spotted these good looking tote bags while wandering around Urban Outfitters, but you might not know anything about Warsaw.

Warsaw is a line of bags, jewelry and home goods designed by a Philadelphia resident named Elsa Shadley. Elsa teamed up with screen printing/graphic design sensations Print Liberation to create the Warsaw logo that appears on the popular tote bags and her other products.

Oddly enough I stumbled upon Elsa’s blog after seeing an amazing image somewhere else that credited her. When I clicked on the store link I was overwhelmed with want. Between the jewelry, quilts and hand waxed duffle bags… I was in love.

This beautiful, hand-waxed, handmade duffle is a serious rival for Alexander Wang’s Coco & Rocco Duffles. Utilitarian and feminine all at once. Ridiculously adorable AND practical.

There is something so charming and natural about everything Elsa creates.

Be sure to check out the various goodies on the Warsaw website. There is a great variety of bags, one of a kind jewelry creations and also… be sure to take a look at the blog. Even if you’re not into the bags.. the blog is sure to delight you. I can’t wait to see more from this local designer. I also can’t wait to purchase one of the 10 things I desperately need.

Website – FacebookEtsy